Why goats?


Vancouver Island is suitable for small, diverse farms or homesteads, and goats fit into this picture very well. Manageable on small acreages, from them we obtain milk, meat, and fibre. Goats are also great for 4-H projects, pack animals, and can make excellent companions for ourselves and other animals.

Goats have personality plus! To learn more about goats and the Vancouver Island Goat Association, click on the links at the top of the page.



All meetings are on a Sunday and start at 11 a.m. unless otherwise noted.

January 20,  Nanaimo - annual general meeting

February 24, Nanoose – prenatal care, kidding and postnatal care

March 16 (Saturday)., Fanny Bay – disbudding, tattooing etc.

April 28, Duncan – website development for your farm

May 19, noon, Nanaimo – showing

June 23, Duncan – soapmaking

September 15, Gabriola Island – breeding and buck care

October 20,, Black Creek – veterinary topics

November 17, Duncan – hoof trimming and foot care

Email for information.

Dairy Goat Judges Training Conference

VIGA will host a Canadian Goat Society Dairy Goat Judges Training Conference in May, where current judges can renew their licenses, aspiring judges can obtain licenses, and anyone else can audit the course in order to learn a LOT about dairy goat conformation!

May 18-20, Nanaimo, BC Email for information

VIGA has a membership directory where you can look up breeders.  VIGA2018directory.pdf

VIGA has a promotional poster you can print and put up in your community. VIGAposter.jpg


Click images below for Member Directory and VIGA poster.


VIGA has members from all over Vancouver Island as well as some of the Gulf Islands. We are a diverse lot, and represent a cross section of the dairy, fibre, meat, and companion goat population.

We meet several times a year at the homes of members up and down the Island. Our regular meetings provide us with the opportunity to network with other goat owners, and we welcome everyone from the experienced breeders to newcomers who are looking to connect with others to learn more about goat care. Mentoring new goat owners is one of our priorities. We usually cover a specific topic at the meeting, often with a presentation and discussion on such topics as kidding, nutrition, etc.

The Vancouver Island Goat Association is incorporated under

the Society Act of British Columbia.

VIGA’s Mandate:

~ To increase public awareness of the value of goats and goat products in society;

~ To circulate information about breeds of goats and their care;

~ To encourage young people with their involvement in youth goat clubs (such as 4-H etc);

~ To promote and facilitate goat breed improvements.

Who we are and what we do....

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