Why goats?


Vancouver Island is suitable for small, diverse farms or homesteads, and goats fit into this picture very well. Manageable on small acreages, from them we obtain milk, meat, and fibre. Goats are also great for 4-H projects, pack animals, and can make excellent companions for ourselves and other animals.

Goats have personality plus! To learn more about goats and the Vancouver Island Goat Association, click on the links at the top of the page.


NEXT MEETING: Sunday,February 25, 2018, at Duncan, BC.Discussion topic: Kidding. Email for information.

VIGA has a membership directory where you can look up breeders. UPDATED for 2017! VIGA2017directory.pdf

VIGA has a promotional poster you can print and put up in your community. VIGAposter.jpg

Vancouver Island goat news...

Click images below for Member Directory and VIGA poster.